RAND Manufacturing is focused on producing safer and more efficient equipment.

At RAND MANUFACTURING, INC., our personnel have over 40 years of experience specializing in the manufacturing of truss equipment and delivery systems that are designed to perform safely and built to last.  When RAND developed the High Rider Gantry with the solid table system, we shattered the myth that building trusses with open aisle systems is more productive or safer.  Now savvy truss fabricators are changing over to the solid table systems for the speed and safety.  After purchasing the truss delivery systems for our own truss plants, RAND quickly learned that the existing systems were not built to withstand the rigors of everyday truss loading & delivery, so we decided to build our own delivery trailers and truck bodies that would withstand the rigorous demands placed upon them.

From the very beginning RAND MANUFACTURING has built our equipment and delivery systems tougher than they had to be. Staying true to our guiding principle “Built for the long haul and designed for safety” we build our equipment rugged and dependable. This makes RAND’s products ideal for truss fabricators who want more production, less maintenance, and greater safety for their employees. 

When you buy a RAND product you don’t just become an owner.  You become a valued member of the RAND family.  RAND does not just build machinery or delivery systems but trusses as well, so we understand the importance of keeping your plant flowing during the peak season.  This is why we put the extra quality and dependably in our products.  We welcome the customers feed back so we can continue to improve as we grow.

Roof Truss Gantry Roof Truss Stacker Roof Truss High Rider

Floor Truss Table Rider
Floor Truss Stacker
Floor Truss Roll Splicer


Floor Truss Autoset
Rand Manufacturing
Wood I-Joist Saw

Porta Field Press
Roll Back Truck
Roll Off Trailer


I-Beam Processor

  • High speed heavy duty 6HP router Motor
  • All 3 axes are guided by fully supported 1" harden steel ways with composite bearings
  • All axes are power by servo motors with 1" ball screwsT



  • High speed saw blade powered by 10HP motor
  • Servo powered material trolley for precise material lengths
  • Accommodates 60 ft stock material
  • Dual printhead for easy I-Beam identification at the job site




GANTRY / MD-10-30-40


Table Rider / AIR SET FLOOR TRUSS GANTRY / MD-10-30-40

24” diameter x 1 inch wall minimum roller
Heavy Duty Tubular steel component end frames and side frames.
7.5 hp Gear Motor with fail safe brake
Exclusive Rand collared roller with 4” shaft and 3 11/16” adjustment bearings.
Gantry driven by roller on top of table
4 ea. Solid steel reaction rollers
120 fpm working speed, 230/440 volt 3 phase, Soft start
Riding platform with joy stick controls with adjustable time delay E-Stops.
Photo eye E-Stops both sides of gantry.




T4-30-48    2 ea.  20’ modular tables

Solid steel table with tubular steel under frame
10’ & 20’ modules for easy add on expansion and installation.
Exclusive Rand elevated recessed track.
¾ solid steel table top with a finish height of  29” for easy cross table reaching.
Table width of  6’
Fixed camber bar on outer edges of table.
40 feet of work area, Builds from 10” up to 30” deep trusses with camber.  20” stroke 2” bore clamping air cylinders with electronic solenoid control and guide mechanism.  
Over all dimensions of table, 40’ x 6’ wide.


$55,000 FOB NC


Porta Field Press

  • Presses roof and floor trusses
  • 4 x 4" platen
  • 5 ton, 1 1/8 dia Cylinder
  • 5 ton, C-Clamp
  • 10,000 psi hydraulic 2 stage power unit
  • 10,000 psi hose "standard length 10FT"
  • Simple toggle switch operation
  • Magnets hold connector plates while moving press unit into place
$3,500 FOB NC

Roll Splicer

  • Vertically Splices 2 x 4, and 2 x 6 lumber
  • (3 to 4) second align, roll, eject, cycle time
  • (2) recessed / simutaneous activation required / saftey controls
  • Guarded motor and sprockets
  • 3 HP heavy duty Sumitomo brand electric motor
  • Air operated / bearing mounted / solid steel hold down rollers
  • Both top and bottom bearings are adjustable with single crank
  • Anti-abrasible resistant steel wear slide plate in the splice area
$13,500.00 FOB NC


Delivery / Material Handling Equipment

Roll Back / Roll Off Truck

Available in 24', 26' 28' and 30', these Roll-Down truck bodies feature a roll back bed with the power of hydraulic lift out rollers. The ease of loading is the same as the Roll-Down 48 in that the gap between the rollers, when raised, and the bed allow the forklift forks to easily slide in and out of the bed. The rollers are then lowered to allow materials to rest solidly on bed.

Roof Truss Trailer

The key to the Roll-Down 48, as seen above, is the 2 inch steel members that protrude through the bed, providing a secure, flat, surface on which the load rests during transit. The gap between the steel members allows for an easy loading by allowing the forklift forks to easily slide out when loading. Using the controls located safely in the cab, the hydraulic system raises the bed, which allows the rollers to lift the load and roll off the materials safely to the ground.