Monet Desauw Inc.

DeSawyer Robo Lite Linear Saw - A fully automated linear saw.


DeSawyer ES - A fully automated component saw using the latest servo technology.


DeSawyer 2000 - A fully automated component saw.

B500 DeSauw - The B500 utilizes a combination of pushbutton controls and digital location read-outs to manually control the individual saw locations.

B500XE - Automated setup using touch-pad and PLC.


FWA 500- The easiest, fastest, safest and most precise way to cut floor truss webs.


Power Decks - Material Handling Solutions.

Introduction to the full line of DeSauw™ Component Saws

With many years of experience in manufacturing quality equipment, we utilize the abilities and talents of our design engineers and staff to meet and exceed the requirements of the truss industry. We intend to constantly improve the design and features of our products, as necessary, to provide you with the best value possible. We are priced fairly, and meet an accurate production/shipment schedule. We provide complete service to our customers, and offer a full line of replacement parts for all DeSauw, and DePauw Saws. Our entire organization is dedicated to manufacturing quality products, and we're aggressive with the quality control of our equipment.

Product Features:

  • UL Listed electrical system.
  • Pneumatic braking system with Horton brake pads.
  • Baldor Saw Duty motors.
  • Red Lion severe duty Quadrature output Encoders
  • Sumitomo gear motors featuring SM-CYCLO speed reducers.
  • Cast housing gearboxes with synthetic all-temp oil.
  • Telemecanique variable frequency motor drives
  • Modicon industrial grade PLC. (XE and DeSawyer models only)

    Competitive Features:

  • Direct-drive technology on all horizontal, vertical, and angulation movements.
  • Horizontal movement on all saw blades. (DeSawyer only)
  • Full manual backup controls with Mylar laminated scales and mechanical angulation counters.
  • Vibrating waste conveyor system.
  • 30” Carbide tipped scarfing blade providing up to 27.75” of cut. (excluding WB400)
  • Powered lumber stop.
  • Ball screw-drive carriage control providing fast, smooth, and accurate length adjustments. (DeSawyer only)
  • Backup sensors eliminating overtravel of saw limits and detecting need for calibration. (DeSawyer and XE only)
  • One-step calibration function taking less than 30 seconds. (DeSawyer only)
  • Simultaneous motor movement in semi-auto and fully automated modes. DeSawyer and XE only)


  • Elevating Waste Conveyor, with heavy-duty cleated rubber belt.
  • PowerDeck – Chain driven feed conveyor built to increase the production of any component saw by supplying a constant flow of lumber to the operator
  • PowerDeck w/Side Eject – Takes PowerDeck concept one-step further by adding multiple side tables allowing staging areas for adding and disposing of lumber.