Roof & Floor Trusses, Wall Panels & Floor Decks



Solutions with Multiple Profits
In the past, increasing your production capacity meant adding more floor space, new table systems, and increasing manpower with overtime or hiring additional builders. A laser projection system from SL Laser can help you increase your production capacity by reducing your setup times as much as 70%!

Increase Productivity
The system utilizes truss engineering files to generate a full scale laser image of a desired truss on the table work surface. Position the image anywhere on the table for efficient table usage. Set jigs accurately using the projected truss outline. Quickly identify components and place them in position. Locate nail plates precisely on component joints for maximum strength. SL Laser’s easy to use remote control system allows teams to work independently on multiple truss layups on the same table. Simply click the remote control to switch from jigging to chords to webs to plates to the next truss… one click advances you to the next step in the process. The SL Laser remote system is customizable to your build process – you can move, rotate, mirror, and flip truss images to fit your available table space. SL Laser gives you the choice of a green or red laser image. Your builders won’t have to work in dim light or wear special glasses to see a green laser – the green light is 4 to 5 times more visible to the human eye than red laser light.

Simple and Versatile to Use
A truss projection system reduces the impact of training new, seasonal, or temporary labor. An unskilled builder can be trained to place components to the laser template in a matter of minutes.


The laser projection system can identify steel truss fastener types and quantities at each connection point.



Project accurate puck locations and chord outlines for fast setups – no more tape measures and string lines!


Maximize Your Return On Investment
SL Laser holds the secret to increasing your production using your existing tables, floor space, and manpower. If you’re purchasing new tables, a projection system from SL Laser is the key to getting the most out of your new equipment and to maximizing your return on investment.




The perfect integration of the SL Laser projection system and your design software guarantees a safe and ultra-efficient work process – with laser projection your setup times will be drastically reduced.


Assembly with 100% accuracy
Accurately project rim and sill locations for jigging.
Place and align joists to the laser line.
Locate internal floor decking components such as blocking and bracing.
Precisely lay out stair openings and any required subassemblies.
Display nail and screw locations on OSB sheathing for blind attachment with 100% accuracy.
Project and mark interior wall panel locations on assembled floors for easier field assembly.




Achieve Better Quality in Less Time
Project stud placement and sub-assembly location on any wall assembly machine for faster build times and improved quality control.
Create door and window framing subassemblies quickly without manual measurement.
Project stud and opening locations on OSB sheathing for accurate blind nailing.
Build square, accurate walls every time in less time.