Newly Manufactured Hydraulic Roll-off Truss Trailers

Pintle / Gooseneck / Pin Style Trailers:
HotShot trailers are designed to maneuver in tight places and deliver loads to both flat and hilly terrains. Three different types of hook-up configurations are available; a pintle hook, a goose-neck for a pick-up/flatbed or a fifth-wheel-pin-type. Our customers now have the ability to choose the type of trailer that best fits their pick-up truck, flatbed or semi-tractor applications.

HotShot Trailers Available in:
Fixed hydraulic dump body 30' to 48' • Fixed body w/ sliding tandems 36' to 48' • Expandable hydraulic dump body w/ sliding tandems 36' to 66'

For information call: (770) 434-1006