FWA 500  

The Fastest, Safest, Easiest Way to Cut Floor Truss Webs

Increase Your Profit Margin…

The DeSauw® FWA 500 combines efficient setup features with high feed rates, which make it the industry’s most reliable, and most productive floor web saw.

Consistently Accurate Components at Lower Labor Costs!

Electronic digital readouts for setting saw blade angulations, magazine feed, and external cut- off blade have always made the FWA 500 the #1 CHOICE for cutting large volumes of floor webs.

The toughest, high volume / production Floor truss web saw in the industry
Just got BETTER!

Now with the addition of our newest features:
Single Side Setup, and Increased Feed Rate,
the FWA 500 provides fine-tuned (.01”) accuracy
and 60+ pieces per minute yield.

High-Volume Magazine Feeder
Adjustable for 3x2, 4x2, & 6x2 Lumber

The FWA 500 Design:
- Due to the versatility of the FWA 500, each of its Saw Blade Motor Slides can be positioned for each of these 3 different types of web cuts.

  1. 4-Angle Webs
  2. Square-Ended Blocks
  3. Cantilever Webs (2-piece webs)

Four Angle Web Cutting

Setting the Angle of the Cut

Since Floor webs consist of 2 angles on each web end, which are 90 degrees from each other, the internal blades on each end are permanently mounted at 90 degrees from each other.

Set digital read-outs to zero degrees. This will set the 2 front blades to 90 degrees for square cuts

Front Blades:

- Crank front motor slide plates away from hinged bolt stops and flip stop over on anchor plate away from motor slide plate.
- Crank slide plate in until crank pinion is against anchor plate. When this is done make sure the front 2 blades are not touching metal.

Rear Blades:

- Crank 2 rear blades away from bolt stops far enough to keep the teeth from touching the webs.

Cantilever – Two Piece Webs

- The FWA 500 cuts cantilever webs by using the front blade of one end and the rear blade of the other end.
- Set the digital read-outs to the LOW numbered angle setting on both sides.
- The unused front blade on one side and the rear blade on the other side should be cranked beyond the reach of the board.

Setting Web Lengths with the Frame Scale

- The FWA 500 has a ruled scale mounted on the front, left side of the frame.
- There are 2 red pointers positioned over the frame scale with a calibrated location for making square end blocks, and two & four angle webs respectively.
- Positioning the carriage for a desired web length is as easy as aligning the respective pointer with the frame scale.

Carriage Travel

2-Angle Web and 4-Angle Web (center-line) Square-Ended Blocks
Setting Web Lengths with Digital Readouts (Single Side Setup Models Only)

- With its optional Single Sided Setup, web length may be set to within .01 inch per the digital readout on the control panel.