Semi-Automatic Touch Pad/PLC Operation With Screen Display

We've combined the most reliable mechanical attributes of the DeSauw, with the latest in electronics technology…so you can produce Consistently Accurate Components at Lower Labor Costs.

Several performance-enhancing features of the B500 XE allow the sawyer to pass more lumber through the saw per shift, than possible with a conventional, push button manually operated saw.

The B500 XE was introduced to the truss industry as an extremely reliable solution for small to midsize truss plants seeking mechanically superior saws with the added efficiency of today’s technology.

The DeSauw B500 XE is 50% to 80% faster than manual saws and it is priced $70,000 to $85,000 less than most fully computerized saws.

Our Touch Pad Interface has been selected for its reliability and performance in harsh environments. These are not Touch Screens! It is an industrial grade monitor with a built-in keypad, all in one unit. These same Touch Pad units are used in other abusive, industrial applications, such as rock quarries and mining.

Manual Mode

Your sawyer may Switch to Manual (Push-Button) Mode whenever needed. It bypasses the Touch Pad, Monitor, and PLC’s altogether.

Manual / Auto Selector Switch

Manual Setup Controls for Moveable End Blades
Complete Functionality of all saw movements remain in tact via push button controls.

Manual Setup Controls for Fixed End Blades

Manual Setup Controls for Blades #3, #4, & #5 are located on the Main Control panel, just below the Touch Pad Interface.
Manual Setup Controls for Blades #1, & #2 are located on the Fixed End Control panel.

Push Button Controls for the Lumber Stop (IN/OUT), an E-Stop Button, and the Fixed End Hold Down (UP/DOWN), are also located on this panel.

Mechanical Tracking in Manual Mode

In its Manual Mode, mechanical position indicators are used to determine proper positioning for each setup.

Sensors protect the mechanical integrity of the machine. They prevent travel beyond the safety limits of the saw, while in its auto mode.

The Manual Mode allows production to continue, when a particular setup requires movement beyond the safety limits, or in the unlikely event of a problem with the PLC, or Touch-Pad.

Automatic Operation – Gaining Efficiency With A Quicker Entry Process

The B500 XE provides an extremely easy & efficient setup procedure, which incorporates dimensional entry with simultaneous position changes.

To regulate the speed and accuracy of each setup, movements of the most frequently performed tasks are automated through a series of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC).

Entry Screens

[F5] Fixed End – Saw #1 & #2
[F6] Moveable End – Saw #3 & #4
[F7] Moveable End – Saw #5 (30” Scarf)

The entry screens for the fixed end, movable end, and the 30" scarf blade, have their own respective function keys, which may be accessed directly from any other screen display.
Current positions are displayed with a field above for entering the desired "new value".

Entering the dimensional numbers for each blade’s position into its respective field on the integrated Touch Pad eliminates the guesswork and fine-tuning required with pushbuttons, or toggle switches.

This keypad is used to type in each setup value shown on your cutting bill.

Upon entry of the information for each blade, the PLC coordinates each of the saw’s movements to match the entered setup value.

Blade movements occur immediately upon entry, in the order they are received, and up to three movements may occur simultaneously.

Direct Access to Program Functions

The Touch Pad & Monitor make up the sawyer interface providing a logical display of information to operate the saw efficiently.

[F1] Main Menu

The Main Menu Screen Provides a Reference Listing of the various functions to be performed on the B500 XE.

These control screens can be accessed directly from any other screen in the program, so typically, once an operator is familiar with the operation of the B500 XE, he is likely to navigate directly to other screens without returning to the Main Menu for reference each time. The operator can access any of these setup screens by pressing its respective function key on the Touch Pad.

Setup Shortcut Keys

Setup Shortcut keys control the placement of the B500 XE’s blades for specific cuts. These shortcuts return the blades to specific pre-programmed locations to reduce the amount of time it takes to perform a setup.

The B500 XE automates the process of switching board sizes [F2], and preparing the horizontal position of the moveable end blades for chords [F3], or webs [F4].

[F2] Board Selection Screen - Automated Centerline Adjustment

Switch between board sizes (2x4, to 2x6, etc.) with the single touch of a button!

While in the Board Selection Screen, pressing each respective button (at the edge of the screen) automatically returns all vertical positions to the centerline of each board size.

[F3] CHORD & [F4] WEB – Automated Horizontal Alignment

The B500 XE is easily prepared for cutting chords, or webs in a similar manner.
On the Main Menu [F1] the following Setup Shortcut keys are displayed:
“F3 = CHORD” and “F4 = WEB”.


Automatically moves Blades #3 and #4, into alignment with Blade #5 for cutting Scissor/Cathedral Bottom Chords in a single Pass.

F4 = WEB

Automatically moves Blades #3 and #4 into alignment for cutting webs, while providing clearance from Blade #5.
Heavy Duty Construction & Crash Protection

Over travel sensors protect the blades from moving beyond preset limits, while in the Auto Mode.

Operator’s Control Panel

The Operator’s Control Panel is in a permanent location at the infeed conveyor.

Operator’s Control Panel houses:
- Lumber Counter,
- Controls for Starting/Stopping each Blade,
- In feed Controls,
- L & R Hold-downs UP/DOWN,
- Waste Conveyor.

Powered Carriage Models ( “B500 XE”)

Board length is set by adjusting the moveable carriage. The carriage is equipped with a variable speed controller with an AC inverter drive.
This provides Speed Control with slow-speed fine-tune adjustment. A time delay provides an extra couple of seconds to use the fine tune knob. A full Length frame scale provides adjustment to 1/16th of an inch.
An Automatic Position Lock keeps the moveable end stationary during cutting.

Horizontal Movement on the Front Quadrants
The Conveyor rails on the B500 XE are in fixed locations, so Horizontal Movement on the Front Quadrants allows an unused blade to be easily pulled out of the way and is quite useful in making square cutoffs.

Mechanical Tracking

Mechanical counters & scales have been used on DeSauw saws for 30 years. They have proven to be reliable and are a very accurate system of reading blade angulations. Other positions are tracked with scales and pointers. These mechanical tracking devices are used on the B500 XE for verification of the screen readouts and reference during re-calibration.

Heavy Duty Wrapped Sprocket Design eliminates chain lash and improves multidirectional accuracy.
The B500 XE utilizes direct-drive technology without chains and sprockets to adjust and less moving parts to lubricate. This method reduces lash and helps to ensure the extreme accuracy of your tracking devices.
Baldor saw-duty rated motors stand up to extreme forces such as high lumber feed rates and out-of-balance blades assuring maximum motor life and accurate cutting. The flat side shape of the motor housing allows longer cuts before breaking off the board.

Severe-duty signal encoders are oil/water proof, dust-tight, and are built on a substantial cast housing with heavy shaft bearings. All exposed wires are run in conduit. All encoders are directly coupled to the motors for accurate readings.

Heavy Duty Conveyors

The lumber conveyors are also similar to the rugged DePauw design. A gradual 30-degree incline promotes smooth material feeding. A direct drive system ensures consistent flight alignment.

Each 2120 conveyor flight is notched to allow 2x_ lumber to seat itself during loading. They also keep each board from tipping before reaching the hold-downs.

A powered lumber stop is located on the fixed end of the saw but is controlled on the setup panel at the sawyer’s station allowing quick setup during single angle cuts at the fixed end.


The operator guarding system self adjusts with different board dimensions and provides a safe area for the catcher, while allowing communication with the sawyer.

Blade Brakes

The Pneumatic puck-type brake was adapted from the machine tool industry. This pneumatic brake directly brakes the blade itself without creating any residual heat.

Hold Downs

The lumber hold-downs are similar to the original rugged DePauw design. They’re powered in sync with the lower conveyor chains, and they provide even pressure on the lumber; holding it firmly to ensure accurate cutting every time.

Additional Items:

An Aluminum Scarf Skid, and a Center Lumber Support are provided to adjust for the natural sag of longer lumber.