Manufacturers' Representative
As manufacturers' representatives; we represent a majority of the brand name manufacturers of new truss equipment. We buy, sell and trade ... new equipment for the truss industry.


Salter Associates represents a majority of the brand name manufacturers of new truss equipment, as well as individual truss plants, that want to buy or have surplus equipment to sell.




Most truss plants now use "Miter -Cut Chop Saws", purchased from Home centers, etc., to cut single or replacement components needed for special trusses and applications.

We offer an industrial version of this type saw, made with specific modifications in place, that will upgrade the chop saw to a comparable version of the "center line saw" that is presently being used by the truss industry.

The new Quick Cut Saw will cut roof and floor truss webs and chords with center line pivotal-cutting points and a 125 degree quadrant cut ability. This saw is also capable of cutting double stacked materials. It has an optional 10’ / 20' conveyor system available with or without a manual or mechanical measuring device. It has a rotating protractor, mounted under the saw bench, for setting angles, air activated disk brakes and additional manual locking angle stops.



HotShot Rollerbed Trailers, offers specific types of truss trailer equipment manufactured, designed and distributed exclusively by the Impact Group.

HotShot trailers are available in fixed hydraulic dump body 30' to 48', fixed body w/ sliding tandems 36' to 48' and expandable hydraulic dump body w/ sliding tandems 36' to 66



Lakeside Trailers has been leading the way with innovative ideas to ensure your delivery operations remain efficient in today's competitive market. We manufacture fixed and expandable hydraulic roll-off truss trailers.


Monet Desauw saws are specially designed computerized and manual saws; engineered for the roof truss, floor truss and wall panel industry.We also manufacture power lumber decks / side eject tables and lumber stackers.


impact group

The Impact Group is a professional Consulting organization, providing solutions to the questions facing manufacturers in the Truss and Wall Panel Industry.



Alpine Engineered Products is a leading worldwide supplier of technology-driven products and services for the building component industry. Alpine manufactures machinery and equipment for the wood truss, steel truss, and wall panel industry.


Cresswood Recycling Systems is the world pioneer in the development of the horizontal end feed grinder.


Eagle offers a complete line of nails plates, design and engineering. Eagle also manufactures a fast and affordable truss production system, which includes cutting, assembly and pressing equipment.


The Lasalign Truss Projection System utilizes truss engineering files to generate a full scale laser image of a truss on the table work surface. The image can be positioned anywhere on the table for efficient table usage. Nail plate positions are precisely located on component joints. Set-up time can be reduced by up to 70%, while improving accuracy of component assembly, resulting in dimensional consistency (repeatability) between trusses, and providing a high degree of quality assurance.


MiTek® is the world's leading supplier of state-of-the-art, engineered connector products, engineering services, and computer-driven machinery for the building component industry.


Renew Plastics lumber products makes the ideal replacement product for traditional wood products in areas where there is deterioration. Now is the perfect time to replace those worn table tops with Perma-Poly Board; the longest lasting, most cost effective production surface available.


The Virtek TrussLine® laser projection system has revolutionized the prefabricated construction industry. TrussLine projects the exact locations of all truss joints and connector plates onto the set-up table.

We can reduce your set up and changeover times by up to 70% and increase your productivity by 25%.



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